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Lisa Ganfrancisco

Baking & Keto Pastry Chef

Though Lisa is an artist, she had been living in La for almost her entire life. It was in that artisan city, where she enrolled for her first cooking classes, just to become….

Chip Munro

Head Keto Chef

Chip Munro is the best well-known male Chef in New England. His previous work experience includes such places as the Ocen house &in Rhode Island…


Keto Cuisine Chef

Len is one of the most experienced Keto cooking tutors here. Her experience covers virtually all the Exotic and little-known cuisines ever imaginable.


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Annabelle Bellinghorn
Becoming a professional Chef was definitely one of the hardest decisions in my life and one of the toughest studying processes that I have ever gone through… But after all these trials & errors and after 12 months of “tough love” from the cooking tutors, I was rewarded finally, with a Sous Chef position at the Hartford highest rated French restaurant!

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