About us

It all starts in the kitchen.

Our Keto Cooking LAB features a long and proud history .

Founded by few NYC top Chefs of the time, the Keto Cooking LAB has always been the ultimate destination for anyone who’ve ever wanted to become a Keto Chef!

We’re also known to be one of the pioneering facilities, that defied the racism and sexism of the age, always having accepted students based solely on their skills and perspective!

Over the years we’ve been evolving together with the culinary trends that spanned across the culinary world…

For example, when the Asian cuisine became trending, we instantly added it to our Class LAB List, just as we did later with the Fusion cuisine as it was rising in the ’90s.

All in all, we always feature a strong team of professional Chefs, a strong list of cooking classes and a forward-only attitude!


Today we have more than 6 main Keto cooking Labs and more than 35 sub-classes, all taught by a team of well-known New England Chefs.

Our current list of Classes includes:

* Keto Baking & Pastry

* Keto Fish, Meat & Poultry

* Keto International Cuisine

* Keto Desserts

* Keto Seafood & Wine

* Keto Exotic Cuisines

… and 35 more Keto sub-classes!





What Our
Happy clients Says About Us

Annabelle Bellinghorn
Becoming a professional Chef was definitely one of the hardest decisions in my life and one of the toughest studying processes that I have ever gone through… But after all these trials & errors and after 12 months of “tough love” from the cooking tutors, I was rewarded finally, with a Sous Chef position at the Hartford highest rated French restaurant!